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An Age of Saints? (Brill's Series on the Early Middle Ages) by Peter Sarris & Matthew Dal Santo Phil Booth

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The papers collected in this volume explore the strategies through which Christian authorities throughout the early medieval world both established and expressed their social position, while at the same time drawing attention to the moments when those same processes were resisted and challenged. Where previous studies of Christianisation have for the most part approached the issue of dissent through the continued existence of paganism and the various Christian heresies, this volume suggests that the experience of doubt towards, and articulation of resistance to, the claims of Christian leaders extended far outside the circles of pagan intellectuals and dissident theologians. The result is a view of Christianisation as far more piecemeal, complex and incomplete than has often been acknowledged.Contributors include Peter Turner, Peter Kritzinger, Collin Garbarino, Philip Wood, Ralph Lee, Richard Payne, Mike Humphreys, Giorgia Vocino, and Gerda Heydemann.





























An Age of Saints? (Brill's Series on the Early Middle Ages #20) [PDF eBook]

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