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The Bravest of the Brave-The Extraordinary Story of Indian VCs of World War I 




Indian soldiers had rallied bravely before to many a skirmish outside their frontiers, but never with as much conviction and in stellar numbers than in the greatest of them all-the First World War. Some of the compulsion to fight, fiercely and loyally, and most-times with tragic consequences to themselves, was to earn the respect of-and consequent independence from-the Raj.

Which it did... in time. But the first and foremost result was the laurel bestowed by the VC, on the soldier without a recognized name or nationality, for fearless bravery in another's battle.

In this larger story, Cardozo recounts the events that saw the first and only 11 Indian bearers of the Victoria Cross, at the same time giving a nod to the 'enemy' soldier wherever it was due.  For every soldier-yours, mine, theirs-is also an officer and a gentleman.





The Bravest of the Brave The Extraordinary Story of Indian VCs of W.W. I [ePub]

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