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Best of Battle Games


by International Software c1996

System Requirements: IBM PC or Compatible, 486 or higher processor. 4 MB RAM. Mouse. DOS 5.0 or higher, CD-ROM driver, VGA graphics card and monitor. Works with sound blaster compatible.

"Play these action-packed battle games with the computer or an opponent! Play Wolfenstein, Global Thermo War, Desert Raids and War on the Sea plus many more exciting battles!

Games Include:

Air Photos
Air Traffic
Blind Wars
Desert Raid
Global Thermo War
Maxell 688 Sub
Sand Storm
SCUD Attack
Sea Photos
Sea Quest
Sopwith Camel
Under the Gulf
War on the Sea

























Best of Battle Games (PC DOS Video Game Collection) 18 Classic Games [Download]

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Play these games on your modern PC by using a compatible DOS emulator.

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