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British Secret Projects 3: Fighters and Bombers 1935-1950 by Tony Butler


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This title completes a trilogy covering the design and development of British fighters and bombers from the end of the biplane era to the present day. This new volume again emphasizes the designs which were never flown. It covers aircraft projects that were prepared from the mid-1930s onwards influenced by the growing threat of another war with Germany, through to some projects which appeared after the war was over. The latter includes early jets such as the Attacker, Sea Hawk and Venom, which all flew post-war but were designed to wartime or immediate post-war requirements. Among the designs featured in this book are fixed-gun fighters, turret fighters, twin-engine cannon fighters, light, medium and heavy bombers, torpedo bombers and flying boats. As in the trilogy's first two volumes, these designs are covered with detailed descriptions and data and numerous photographs of models or artists' impressions showing how these designs would have looked. Unlike the post-war years, details of many earlier unbuilt projects have been lost, but fortunately information on a great number of these has survived, and this will form the most complete record to be published on these fascinating machines.































British Secret Projects 3: Fighters and Bombers 1935-1950 by Tony Buttler [PDF]

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