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Chasing the Dragon (Cyberpunk) by Stephan Michael Sechi 

Digital E-Book


Atlas Games (1992)

A stolen attache case spells trouble unless the cyberpunks can find it, because someone is holding them responsible. This is no easy task in the Combat Zone. They're thrown into the middle of a dangerous game of corporate intrigue, greed, drug dealing, and inter-gang rivalry, and it's looking like nobody is on the team's side. Somewhere behind it all lurks the Dragon --the apparent thief, one of the best solos in the biz, and known to operate out of the Combat Zone. Chasing the Dragon through the worst (and perhaps most colorful) zone of the city, the team finds this enigma a wily opponent, and perhaps a most unlikely ally.








































Chasing the Dragon (Cyberpunk RPG) Atlas Games [PDF eBook]

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