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Madame Guillotine, The French Revolution The Last Invasion, 1066 by Simon Farrell and Jon Sutherland


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Illustrated by Brian Williams


Dragon Real Life Game Books

This is a new kind of role-playing gamebook. Real Life Gamebooks take you into the past and allow you to experience great moments in history for yourself. You become a character of the time, faced with a series of important decisions which plunge you deep into the events and life of the period. You will meet and talk with major historical figures and become privy to their thoughts and actions, perhaps even influence their decisions yourself! Think carefully before you make your choices. Danger waits for the unwary in these troubled times and the wrong decision could mean the end of your adventure before it has properly begun. There are instructions on how to play Real Life Gamebooks (you will need a pencil, an eraser and two six-sided dice or the Random Number Table on page 17), a description of the events which are taking place in the world at the time, and a full personal background about your character and what may be expected of you. You may not complete the story first time; you may wish to go back and try again, seeing what would happen if you made different choices. So fill in the Character Sheet on page 14in pencil, and you can rub everything out when you want to have another try.
































Madame Guillotine: The French Revolution (Real Life Game Books) S. Farrell [PDF]

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