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Paranoia: The Fifth Edition by West End Games 


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  •  224 pages
  • West End Games; 5th edition (1995)



Paranoia is a roleplaying game set in a darkly humorous future. In Paranoia, a well-meaning but deranged computer desperately protects the citizens of an underground warren from all sorts of real and imagined enemies. You play one of the Computer's elite agents. Your job is to search out and destroy the enemies of the Computer. Your worst fear is that the Computer will discover that you are one of these enemies. Paranoia: a lighthearted game of terror, death, bureaucracies, mad scientists, mutants, dangerous weapons, and insane robots, which encourages players to lie to, cheat, and backstab each other at every turn. Is that fun? Trust us.


































Paranoia: The Fifth Edition [RPG] by West End Games [PDF eBook]

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