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The Encyclopedia of Magic And Alchemy by Rosemary Guiley


Digital E-Book


From the quest for the Philosopher's Stone to twentieth-century wizards like Aleister Crowley to contemporary pagans and Wiccans, the full range of Western magic and its influence on society is documented in an A-to-Z reference.


With more than 500 entries, this work serves as a reference to the history of the Western magical and alchemical traditions, sorting history from myth and folklore and examining mystical beliefs through the ages. It covers such topics as history, lore, famous people, philosophies, procedures, materials, rituals, and relationships to science.


Grade 9 Up—This user-friendly, comprehensive, and informative resource traces the history of Western magic and alchemy, from their origins in ancient Egypt to the 20th century. It emphasizes rituals, materials, literature, practitioners, and the presence of magic as an undercurrent in everyday life. Alphabetically arranged, absorbing entries cover a plethora of subjects such as curses, divination, Tarot, kabbalah, Harry Potter (complete with a glossary of Potter magic), Grigori Rasputin, J. R. R. Tolkien, and sorcery and witchcraft. A well-assembled series of instructive black-and-white photos and illustrations enhance the usefulness of this work. A thorough bibliography and accurate index are appended.

































The Encyclopedia of Magic And Alchemy by Rosemary Guiley [PDF eBook]

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