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The One Ring Adventures Book - Over the Edge of the Wild 


Digital E-Book Download


192-page Adventurer's Book

144 page Loremaster's Book

Two maps

The boxed set is the first release for the game system, and includes a Loremaster's Book, an Adventurer's Book and two maps.

The One Ring Roleplaying Game Is Based On J.R.R. Tolkien'S The Hobbit And The Lord Of The Rings, The Most Influential Properties In Fantasy. Chock Full Of Incredible Artwork By Leading Artists, Including John Howe And Jon Hodgson, And With Evocative Rules Designed By Award-winning Games Designer Francesco Nepitello, There Has Never Been A Lord Of The Rings Game That'S More Evocative Of Tolkien'S Unique Vision. Along With Rich And Detailed Background Information, Rules That Focus On Tolkien'S Themes, Character Types Unique To The World And A Setting That Changes As The Tale Of Years Progresses, When You Play The One Ring Roleplaying Game You Really Feel Like You Are Playing In Middle-earth. This New, Revised Edition Of The One Ring Roleplaying Game Is Presented As A Single, Hardback Volume That Contains All The Rules And Background That You Need To Play. This Edition Of The Game Is Completely Compatible With All Existing Supplements, But Rules Clarifications, Additional Rules Options And Advice, And A Brilliant New Front Cover Make It A Must buy For Every Fan.





























The One Ring Adventures & Loremaster's Books Over the Edge of the Wild [RPG PDF]

SKU: 978-1907204142
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