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Amber: Diceless Role-Playing System by Erick Wujcik 


Digital Download

254 pages 

Phage (1991) 

Designed by Eric Wujcik, based on Roger Zelazny's Amber. * A Complete new role-playing system! * Three complete adventures, including "Throne War," "Battleground on Shadow Earth" and "Into the Abyss!" * Attribute Auction system where players bid against each other, creating a unique family of immortals! * Enter a universe where Pattern lets you "walk" to any world you can imagine, where Logrus tendrils can reach across infinite dimensions, and where Shape Shifting lets characters sprout wings! * A mature, demanding, and time-consuming system that puts character development above all else! * Over 100 pages of tips on role-playing style and technique with dozens of crystal-clear examples!





























Amber: Diceless Role-Playing (RPG) Game System by Erick Wujcik [PDF eBook]

ALV Sisällytetty

PDF - compatible with all desktops, tablets, e-readers, and smartphones.

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