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Secret Projects : Flying Wings and Tailless Aircraft by Bill Rose


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Midland Publishing 

This is an exciting new addition to the highly successful Secret Projects series, which examines some extraordinary flying wings and tailless aircraft projects. Designed and developed since the dawn of aviation, these aircraft still hold a great importance today, with many aviation enthusiasts eager to learn more about these remarkable aircraft, which provided the foundations for the modern aviation scene. Beginning with an analysis of the advantages of the flying wing, the author looks at why aerodynamicists have been attracted to this unique configuration since the earliest days of manned flight, highlighting a range of specific aircraft and relevant examples. Many aviation enthusiasts will delight in discovering the more intimate developmental details of familiar aircraft including the famous early glider Junkers and other World War 1 flying wing biplane designs.


































Secret Projects: Flying Wings and Tailless Aircraft by Bill Rose - Midland [PDF]

Tuotenumero: 978-1857803204
ALV Sisällytetty

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