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The Casebook of Sidney Zoom by Bill Pronzini and Erle Stanley Gardner


Digital Download

Series: Lost Classics

Digital: 247 pages

Crippen & Landru

Language: English

“MY NAME IS ZOOM!” Before he created Perry Mason, Erle Stanley Gardner (1889-1970) was one of the most popular writers for the mystery and adventure pulp magazines, with their sensational covers, two-fisted heroes, and non-stop action. Among his toughest characters was Sidney Zoom, wealthy yacht-owner who prowls at night to help the downtrodden in the days of the Great Depression. “The weak and the helpless found in him a haven of refuge, a gigantic wall of strength. The oppressor found in him a grim enemy, tireless uncompromising, letting no man-made law stand between him and his prey.” “His soul craved combat,” Gardner writes, “as the soul of many men craves a strong drink.” The Casebook of Sidney Zoom is the first book collection of the Zoom stories, and they show Gardner’s pulp style at it hard-hitting best. This is the second volume in Crippen & Landru’s collections of Erle Stanley Gardner’s short stories. The book is edited by the modern master of the private-eye story, Bill Pronzini. 
































The Casebook of Sidney Zoom by Bill Pronzini & Erle Stanley Gardner [PDF eBook]

Tuotenumero: 978-1932009477
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