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A Month in the Moon By Andre Lamie


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Argosy | 1897 | 158 pages 

About the Author
Jean François Paschal Grousset (7 April 1844, Corte – 9 April 1909, Paris) was a French politician, journalist, translator[1] and science fiction writer. Grousset published under the pseudonyms of André Laurie, Philippe Daryl, Tiburce Moray and Léopold Virey.
Like Jules Verne, he was another discovery of publisher Pierre-Jules Hetzel. He "collaborated" with Verne on Les Cinq Cent Millions de la Begum (1879), L'Étoile du Sud (1884) and L'Épave du Cynthia (1885). 

About the Book
A Month in the Moon is a science fiction novel first published in France as "Les Exilés de la Terre" (1887) It was translated into English in 1889 as "The Conquest of the Moon". It was serialized under that title in The Argosy in 17 parts from Nov 16, 1889 to Mar 8th 1890, and again as "A Month in the Moon" in eight parts from Feb to Sept 1897. This book is of the 1897 serialization.

A consortium which intends to exploit the Moon’s mineral resources decides that, since our satellite is too far to be reached, it must be brought closer to the Earth. A Sudanese mountain composed of pure iron ore becomes the headquarters of the newly established Selene Company. Solar reflectors are used to provide the energy required to convert the mountain into a huge electro-magnet, with miles of cables wrapped around it. A spaceship/observatory is then built on top of the mountain. When the experiment begins, the mountain is ripped away from the Earth and catapulted to the Moon. There, the protagonists have various adventures and eventually return to Earth by re-energizing the mountain.

































A Month in the Moon By Andre Lamie - Argosy (1897) Science Fiction [PDF]

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