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Juice: Electricity for Pleasure and Pain by Uncle Abdul 


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192 pages

Greenery Press

Juice is the first and only book about how to use electricity safely, and responsibly in the bedroom or dungeon. 'Uncle Abdul,' an electrical engineer and experienced BDSM player, has given us everything form a basic overview of the physics of electricity from the point of view of the kinky player and an exploration of electricity's effect on the body, to descriptions of the functions and sensations of the many types of electricity toys available bot through the BDSM community and in the outside world. 

Call-outs, cartoons, scene descriptions, and Unc's nasty sense of humor make 'Juice' as entertaining as it is informative.







































Juice: Electricity for Pleasure and Pain by Uncle Abdul (BDSM) [PDF eBook]

SKU: 978-1890159061
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