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The Running Man by J. Hunter Holly


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Monarch Books (1963)

"No One Was Safe From The Powerful Force That Reached From The Stars To Invade Men's Minds. " 'Jeffrey Munro! Munro!' The shout cut through the night, punctuated with the slap of running feet on cement. Before Jeff could turn, he was jerked off his feet and whirled around by the clutch of two hands on his shoulders. He found himself staring into the frantic eyes of a stranger. 'Who are you?' he asked, startled. 'I can't tell you my name,' the man said. 'I'm simply a man, Mr. Munro---a man running for his life!' 'And why did you run to me?' 'Because you're my only help in the world. Because whether or not I stay alive, someone else must know what I know...' And what The Running Man knew was incredible and horrifying. But before the night was over, the man was dead, and Jeff had to believe. And he had to find a way to destroy the evil power that was loose in the world, a power capable of ruling the entire universe.""





























The Running Man by J. Hunter Holly (1963) A Monarch Science Fiction Novel [PDF]

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