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The Shadow Of Elisabeth by Michael Pearson




Beautiful, sophisticated, and courageous, Elisabeth Ferrier is indispensable to her close-knit comrades in the Resistance until they receive a thunderbolt from HQ.  Elisabeth has been 'turned' by her five-year-old daughter's capture by the Gestapo - and one of their numbers must now draw the fatal lot to execute her.  Fifteen years later, affluent and successful, the group meets in Paris for a regular reunion but is once again paralyzed with shock.  For there they find Elisabeth's daughter, Nicole - and discover not only that she bears a startling resemblance to her mother, but also, terrifyingly, that the Gestapo had never taken her...

One man's desperate search for the truth takes him from 1930's Berlin and war-torn France to contemporary New York, Paris, and London.


Genre:  Mystery, Thriller

Language:  English

Pages:  338



































The Shadow Of Elisabeth by Michael Pearson [PDF E-Book]

SKU: 978-0749307776
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