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A Damask of the Dead by John Gale


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The perfumes of the East suffuse these tales of poets, lovers, and kings who, despite the luxury and beauty of their surroundings, desire something beyond. Sensually poetic and melancholic, there is a profound darkness beneath the surface glamour of John Gale's tales. "A Damask of the Dead" is a collection to be relished by those who admire sophisticated prose and the Gothic Romanticism of the Decadents. 

The City on the Farthest Shore of a Sable Lake
Remembrance: A Hunt in Masks
Lachrymae: Fragments of Letters Sent from a Land by the Sea
The Casket of Obsidian
The Poet Who Fell in Love with the Moon
The Old King’s Prophecy: A Faery Tale
The Roses and the Poet
The Three Threads of the Moon’s Hair
A Sundial in a Windowless Chamber
Lilies of Zircon
The Exquisite Madness of Prince Akbhar
A Damask of the Dead


































A Damask of the Dead by John Gale [PDF eBook]

SKU: 978-1872621630

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