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Adventures on Other Planets (1955) and More Adventures on Other Planets (1963) by David Wollheim


Digital E-Book


2 Volume Set (360 pages)


Adventures of Other Planets is a new Ace science-fiction anthology - and that means top reading thrills!

An All-Star Crew for an All-Star Journey Through Outer Space

Want to go to Venus?  Roger Dee takes you there in the company of an eerie interstellar monster whose unexpected arrival blows the lid off a terrifying problem!

There's Leigh Brackett in Sol run, with a terrific novelette of a world too close to the System's center.


There's Robert Silverberg and John Brunner on the Inner Planets patrol, with two exciting reports from Mercury and Venus.


There's Robert Moore Williams handling the Mars probe, with a look-in on the planets of canals and deserts.


There's Stanley G. Weinbaum daring the big Outer Planets, with a classic novelette about strange Uranus.


And out there among the stars, beyond our little System, there's Poul Anderson holding a cosmic tiger by the starry tail.




























Adventures on Other Planets (and More) (Volume I & II) D Wollheim [PDF eBook]


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