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Creatures of the Nightcycle (Paranoia RPG) by Jennifer Brandes 


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112 pages
West End Games (1998)


A super-duper-sized adventures in the Complex of Dimness, the dark reflection which shows Alpha Complex clones just how lucky they really are.  

Source material on running other adventures in the Complex of Dimness.
New secret societies such as the SABot, GIA's Warriors, the TechnoCrappy, and the GammaVilla.

The all-important rules for running vampclones PCs in Paranoia, from Tantruming to nifty powers, Near-Death Experience Points, and the personal horror of letting out your Manatee Within.

Two secret, nifty, special songs hidden in the adventure, plus fashion and style tips for your vampclones' appropriate atmosphere.

Over fifty-thousand words, and not one of them is "angst."
































Creatures of the Nightcycle (Paranoia RPG West End Games) Jennifer Brandes [PDF]

SKU: 978-0874311723

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