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GamePack Volume 2 - 37 VGA Video Games


Gold Medallion Software


From hot arcade action to board games, card games to work puzzlers, this collection is pure gold.  No junk.  No filler.  Just 37 top-of-the-line killer hits!


Check 'em out!  The hot thriller Rise of the Triad offer "everything an action gamer could want," according to Computer Game Review.  Wacky Wheels has drive-'em-wild 3D racing action that Computer Gaming World calls "incredibly captivating."  They're both here, along with 35 more action-packed hits.  


With superb VGA color, eye-grabbing graphics, and scintillating sound, these game will stun your friends and showcase your PC's full power!






























GamePack Volume 2 - 37 Vintage DOS VGA Video Games (PC) [Download]

SKU: 758469011210

ISO (Original Disc Image)


Play these games on your modern PC by using a compatible DOS emulator.

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