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Garry Kasparov by Mikhail Yudovich




Mikhail Yudovich (1912-1987) was an International Master, an eminent theorist of chess, and a popular author. As a teacher of chess, he brought up many Grandmasters and Masters.


During the last ten years, Yudovich had often met Garri Kasparov, closely following his creative development. The book tells how Kasparov's chess career began, and how children are taught chess in the USSR. The author traces the stages of Kasparov's creative g r o w t h — f r om children's competitions up to his struggle for the World Chess Title, Mikhail Yudovich has annotated about a hundred best games of the youngest ever World Champion. He has also used the analyses of Kasparov himself and of other prominent Soviet players.


The volume is furnished with a list of Kasparov's opponents and an index to openings; it is amply illustrated by photographs, many of which are published for the first time.


Language:  English

Pages:  223







































Garry Kasparov: His Career in Chess by Mikhail Yudovich [PDF E-Book]

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