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Gnomes-100, Dragons-0 (Dragonlance: Catacombs Books) by James M. Ward & Jean Blashfield


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TSR Hobbies 8421 (1987) 

In GNOMES - 100, DRAGONS - 0, you enter the world of a visual maze, full of surprises both delightful and deadly! As a baker's son and would-be general, you begin your quest. But to complete it, you must explore the chambers within Mount Nevermind, where fearsome creatures lurk and gnomish ingenuity will astound you! A unique feature of this book is a roguish Draconian, a member of the Dark Queen's advancing horde, which may help or hinder you and may be hiding on any page!




































Gnomes-100, Dragons-0 (Dragonlance: Catacombs Solo Quest) TSR 8421 [PDF eBook]


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