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Grimtooth's Dungeon of Doom by Jim B. Peters 
Steven Crompton (Illustrator)


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All-System Catalyst Series
Grimtooth's Traps

"The search for the perfect Traps dungeon is rooted in antiquity, and after years of research, explorations, and subtle negotiations, Grimtooth has unearthed a true gem, the lost tomb of Evinrood the water mage."

Filled with traps of every type, this is the ultimate test of any group of adventurers. Face cave sharks, electro-squids, the legendary glass cat, the crystal warriors and dozens of fiendishly designed mechanical traps. Grimtooth's Dungeon of Doom is fully mapped and can either be used as an entire GM adventure by itself, or each trap can be used separately in your own dungeon!






























Grimtooth's Dungeon of Doom #8530 (Traps for All Role-Playing RPG Systems) [PDF]

SKU: 978-0940244887

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