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Guns For the Tsar: American Technology and the Small Arms Industry in Nineteenth-Century Russia by Joseph Bradley 

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This is a detailed study of the development of the Russian small arms industry. Humiliated in the Crimean War, Russia turned to the United States for help. Using archival sources, Bradley, author of Muzhik and Muscovite: Urbanization in Late Imperial Russia (Univ. of California Pr., 1985), describes the role of famous gunsmiths like Colt, Smith, and Wesson; they provided Russia with machinery, tools, production techniques, and even workers to build an independent arms industry. Assimilation was only partially successful; an inflexible economy hindered military modernization. A 30-page bibliography and 40 pages of footnotes testify to Bradley's meticulous research and academic style. Recommended for specialists.

































Guns For the Tsar: American Technology & Small Arms Industry 1900's Russia [PDF]

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