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Lawrence Durrell and Henry Miller: A Private Correspondence 


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Dutton (1963) 

The correspondents were Lawrence Durrell &Henry Miller & The letters were the beginning of an important, wonderfully readable private record - a 25 year revelation of two of the most renowned writers of our age. The letter which started it all was the 23-year-old Durrell's fan letter to Miller regarding 'Tropic of Cancer': "I have never read anything like it. I did not imagine anything like it could be written; and yet, curiously, reading it I seemed to recognize it as something which I knew we were all ready for." The 43-year-old American answered from Villa Seurat in Paris: "I particularly prize your letter because it's the kind of letter I would have written myself had I not been the author of the book. 





























Lawrence Durrell and Henry Miller: A Private Correspondence [PDF eBook]

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