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Me and My Likker by Popcorn Sutton (Revised Edition)


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256 pages with photos and illustrations

Popcorn Sutton is quite a living legend in the mountains of east Tennessee and western North Carolina because of his centuries-old trade. Popcorn is an authentic moonshine distiller and builder of the still on which to run the brew. He shows a unique sense of character and value system much as our mountain forefathers must have held with which they survived and reared their families. His life has been filled with disappointments and sadness as well as quality times when he grew up on Hemphill, a mountainous community in Haywood County, North Carolina adjacent to Great Smoky National Park. He learned his trade early and chose to drop out of school, drive fast, and chase women. When Popcorn realized that few people were willing to put in the hard work necessary to build a good "pot" or to make good liquor, he wanted to pass on his experiences with the trade. His flow of language is sometimes colorful and obscene; it is the way he expresses himself. He is real.



























Me and My Likker by Popcorn Sutton [eBook] [978-0970162809] [PDF]

SKU: 978-0970162809

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