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Psionic Power by Cosimano


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[Updated Edition]


Series: Llewellyn's New Age Psi-Tech Series

Llewellyn Publications

The second book of the psionics series and one that has become exceedingly rare because those folks who have a copy do not part with it, this work was originally created to fill in the gaps left in Elementary Psionics and was published at first by Llewellyn. It has been completely updated to reflect the passing years and a new chapter has been added to replace the one that became Psionic Warfare. The new chapter is titled, “Psionic Mayhem” and it lives up to its name. With the re-publication of this work, the original Psionic Canon is complete.
































Psionic Power (Llewellyn's New Age Psi-Tech Series) (Updated) - Cosimano [PDF]

SKU: 978-0875420967

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