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Western Islands (1971)
296 p.




"Many, if not most, Americans consider themselves 'middle of the readers' because they feel it is a sensible position between extremes . . . But, as we have said before, the 'middle of the road' is a totally unstable position . . .This is why the 'middle of the road' has been steadily shifting leftward since the election of FDR."


Chapter 2, page 47


"The cold, hard facts are that Mr. Nixon is neither a Liberal, not a Conservative, nor a 'pragmatist,' nor a 'centrist,' although at times he can pretend to be any of these. He is simply a man with all-consuming ambition."


Chapter 2, page 51


"For (John Kenneth) Galbraith, to pronounce the President a socialist is not an accusation, but a compliment. He wants his own Democratic Party to quit pussyfooting around and proclaim its adherence to socialism. . .At least Galbraith is frank; most of his fellow socialists hide behind the euphemistic term, Liberalism."


Chapter 14, page 346


"The President is abviously an un-free agent. Mr. Nixon gets the glory, gets to live in the White House, flies across the nation and the world in a giant jet, and makes numerous decisions and appointments, but the real power lies with a clique based in New York."

Chapter 2, page 52


Richard Nixon the Man Behind the Mask by Gary Allen [eBook] [ePub]

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