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The Psychocybernetic Model of Art Therapy by Aina O. Nucho


Digital E-Book


Charles C Thomas (2nd ed)


This expanded second edition is an important reference volume on the theoretical foundations of art therapy. The text presents a detailed account of the origins and rationale of art therapy. The author underscores the need for a new model of intervention, describes the advantages of visual forms of cognition, discusses general system theory and the field of cybernetics, delineates several existing models of art therapy, and outlines the essential features of the psychocybernetic model—a model combining the verbal-analytic and the visual imagistic symbol systems. The text then focuses on implementation of the model and the four steps of the therapeutic process: unfreezing, doing, dialogue, and ending and integrating. A number of specific techniques to promote visual cognition are suggested and practical matters including the qualifications necessary for the practice of this intervention model, as well as the time, space, and art materials required, are presented. Readers will find the discussion of the psychocybernetic process immensely helpful, particularly if they wish to combine the traditional, largely verbal means of interpersonal helping with techniques of art therapy. In addition, the author presents analyses of case studies as well as a collection of client artworks to illustrate the appropriate use of the model. This new edition will prove useful not only when working with children and adolescents, but also with various kinds of adults, ranging from minimally dysfunctional to severely dysfunctional, and also with those who are in the final phases of life. This book will serve as an excellent reference for libraries and teachers of expressive therapies as well as for use by practitioners of various forms of psychotherapy.





























The Psychocybernetic Model of Art Therapy (2e) by Aina O. Nucho [PDF eBook]

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