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Wraith the Oblivion: The Great War


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  • 242 pages
  • White Wolf Publishing (1999)
  • Language: English


Journey back to a time of aces and anarchists, of lost souls wandering the Shadowlands thousands of miles from home. Behold an era of innocence newly slaughtered and unimaginable terror unleashed. From the heart of the Labyrinth to the killing fields of the Somme, from the skies above Stygia to the brutality of gangland Chicago, Wraith: The Great War opens a new chapter in the history of the World of Darkness. Visit the Underworld of the Twilight Era and learn secrets even the Deathlords are afraid to whisper - if you dare.





























Wraith the Oblivion: The Great War [RPG System] [PDF]

SKU: 978-1565046344

High-Res PDF


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