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View To A Kill - Official Movie Magazine from 1985





Mission Report

Declassified: The Events Code-Named A View to a Kill .page 6

Roger Moore

His Name is Bond, James Bond, Agent 007 .page 18

Tanya Roberts

She's Much More Than a Pretty Girl on Bond's Arm .page 24

Christopher Walken

The Villain Who'll Murder Millions (and James Bond) Without Hesitation .page 28

Grace Jones

The Bad Girl Who Loves Doing The Dirty Work of Death page 32

Other Superspies

Patrick Macnee: An Urbane Avenger Lends His Assistance to 007 page 36

David Yip: From Chinese Detective to San Franciscan CIA Operative page 39

Desmond Llewelyn, Robert Brown, Lois Maxwell: Q, M and Miss Moneypenny __ page 40

The Women of A View to a Kill

Those Lovely Ladies who Delight and Excite Superspies page 43

The Spectacular Stunts of A View to a Kill

Action Sequences Arranger Martin Grace Details The Espionage Moves page 48

Directing James Bond

Director John Glen Helms 007s Greatest Adventure page 52

Scripting James Bond

Writers Richard Maibaum and Michael G. Wilson Chronicle 007s Exploits page 54

Designing James Bond

Title Sequence Designer Maurice Binder Targets His Newest Challenge page 58

Scoring James Bond

Composer John Barry Renews His License to Score Alongside Duran Duran page 60

Missions Past

From Uve and Let Die to OCtopussy with Roger Moore page 62

Missions Director

Albert R. Broccoli is The Reel page 64

Mission Personnel

The Cast and Crew of A View to a Kill page 65


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Pages:  65

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James Bond: A View To A Kill (1985) Official Movie Magazine [PDF]

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