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The Real Deal Workout Drill: Featuring the One-Minute Workout by Robert Dothard & Andrew Oye


Digital E-Book


When was the last time someone gave you something real? People demand the straight scoop. Purchasing a home or car. Getting a loan. Treating an illness. Making a lifestyle change. People making major life decisions don’t want complex professional advice. They prefer the bottom line, the simple truth, the real deal. And they don’t want to take a long time to get it either. We’ve been fed an unhealthy diet of misleading health and fitness information. It’s time for a wake-up call. It’s time for the REAL DEAL.


With The REAL DEAL Workout Drill, featuring the One-Minute Workout, fitness trainers Robert Dothard and Andrew Oye accept the job of informing, inspiring and coaching you, the REAL DEAL team, toward your fitness goals. Conveniently designed in a spiral-bound, 2-sided “flipbook” format, this essential manual can be read while exercising on the treadmill or engaging in other activities without fussing with book holders.


SIDE ONE: The REAL DEAL Workout Drill is a results-oriented health and fitness handbook that clearly and candidly exposes long-standing falsehoods, answers persistent questions and ends endless excuses.





  • How often should I do resistance training? 
  • Is it true that lifting weights will injure me or make me muscle-bound?
  • What body type equals good health? 
  • Is it true that “skinny” people can eat whatever they want and remain fit?
  • How do I make time for me? 

Is it true that only selfish people put themselves before others? You ask. Your coaches answer. With real answers. And provide 36 memorable REAL DEAL Rules for taking REAL action to get REAL results. For example: “The yo-yo diet is a no-no diet.” SIDE TWO: The REAL DEAL Guidebooks break down the steps to launch and manage your Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle Programs:


The REAL DEAL Workout Training Guide 

• The One-Minute Workout 
• The REAL DEAL Training Log The REAL DEAL Nutrition Eating Guide 
• Basic Dietary Guidelines based on USDA’s recommendations 
• The REAL DEAL Eating Log The REAL DEAL Wellness Living Guide 
• The TOTAL You: Mind + Body + Spirit 
• The REAL DEAL Goal Planner We coach you on how to get in shape in one minute, eat better and enhance your quality of life.


Are you for real? We are! See for yourself. Results start when you do. All it takes is a minute to get started.

























The Real Deal Workout Drill: Featuring the One-Minute Workout by R Dothard [PDF]

Productcode: 978-0967703039

PDF - Compatible with all Devices


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